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So my hubby thought I should start blogging about our 4 lil monsters and our chaotic daily life. And the more I think about it…he’s right! I’m married to a geek that threw me a site together in what seemed moments (that shit would have took me forever) and I have been basically posting my whole life on Facebook for over 2 years, so why not post it all here? Free daily therapy! My kiddo are nuts! And I say that with the most love and affection possible. They have to be lil nuts right, I mean we all know the phrase “The nut don’t fall far from the tree” and oh my God is that true! My lil monsters are me inside and out! Each very different personalities, each full of attitude, mischief, love, and full blown craziness! Sometimes they make me laugh, they make me cry, they absolutely make me proud, and then there are days I know God is a comedian and laughing at me for the craziness they throw my way! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Over 16 years ago I was told I would never have children and here I am with my 4 miracles! But Lord knows if I don’t vent or post the chaos I call my life no one would ever believe it! So follow me, tell your friends, and if nothing else I hope these 4 lil monsters give you laughs or at the very least let other parents see that they aren’t alone when it comes to crazy kiddos!