3rd annual Valentine’s

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This year we decided to change things up a tad. Having made & collected a whopping 385 Valentine’s we were able to spread the love to a lot of folks!

After meeting a special little girl last year while delivering pillows to the local children’s hospital we’ve followed her online, cheered her on from the sidelines, and kept her in our prayers . Sadly in the last month Jalene’s family received the devastating news. After being the strongest four year old, that always found a way to maintain the most genuine beautiful smile ever through all of her pain, now has terminal brain cancer. Our hearts ache for her family. So needless to say Jalene was at the top of our list this year. We mailed her a box full of 200 Valentine’s as well as a few other goodies.

We gave 85 to a local VFW to distribute to Disabled Vets and split the remaining 100 between two local nursing homes.

As we walked into one of the nursing homes, Mad, our five year old, happily carried a bag full of the homemade cards. A gentleman that happened to be taking a lovely lady for a stroll stopped to ask Mad if she had a Valentine for him? He was so surprised that she really did have one for both of them as he had just been joking with her.

We are so thankful for all of the help that we received from friends and classmates that helped our lil monsters make so many cards this year. It helped us to give cards to little Jalene, disabled vets, and of course Maw-Maw’s & Paw-Paw’s. It also reminded quite a few kiddos to think of others.(null)


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