A second date

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Even though we had a nice Cajun dinner and took in a late night movie a few days ago, Gigi insisted we go on another date. We love being with our lil monsters, so it’s not often we get out and about this much. But Gigi said so, right? Ha ha. 

We had originally planned on going on a date to Commanders Palace one night on this trip. Unfortunately, I packed for a fun filled kiddo vacation with a piggy and didn’t pack proper attire for Commanders Palace, so that will be another time when we don’t only have sambas, flip flops, and jeans packed for my love. 

Instead we headed to Magazine St. Walked hand in hand through several little unique stores. We happened upon a fun place called Joey K’s that locals seem to love. And once again stumbled upon another place that’s been on the triple D! We will have to find that episode and see what food he tried. It had a great vibe and the food was fantastic. Of course it helped that I was in the best company possible, my husband.After dinner, we headed to Da Parish to have a daquiri with Stacey. It was a great evening out!


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