Becoming a Texan

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It’s been talked about for years. We often wondered if it would ever happen. Then came a misdiagnosed cancer scare and a horrible motorcycle accident that were both awful reminders of the miles between us. It had been decided when he retired he would be moving to Texas. And then the unexpected happened. The company he had dedicated years too started laying off countless people. He became one of those numbers and was forced into an earlier retirement a few years sooner than he had intended. We all decided it was a blessing in disguise after what the last several years had dealt him. So I found him an apartment I thought he would like. Took him to see it and got him put on a waiting list. Finally the call came, there was an opening! Today we got my dad settled into his new apartment in TEXAS just a few minutes away from our home. Now our children get to have frequent play dates and sleep overs at their Paw-Paw’s! Now their will be no missed holidays. Now their is room for many more memories to be made. And most importantly now I will be close by when he needs my help. Welcome to Texas Daddy! We’re so happy to have more family close by!


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