My greatest find…

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Today our two youngest babes had their kindergarten and 3rd grade character book parade at school. Mad was “Klause” from the book “Series of Unfortunate Events” and Bitty was “Alice” from “Alice in Wonderland”. They have a half day of school and get to look forward to a weekend with Maw-Maw! Matt and I are out of town for the weekend to watch my best friend get married! On our way our we stopped by for a quick visit with Budah, Monica, & Nina. Then took a little In…

to check out…
After a little exploring we found this gem of a spot to take a picture…
And if anyone didn’t already know, he truly is my greatest find. After a leisurely lunch and roaming through a few shops we took off to Denton. After getting settled in our hotelWe discovered we were less than a half an hour from Oklahoma, so why not add a new state to our list of places we’ve been together. So we took off to a casino for a nice dinner after walking around and taking in the sights. Luckily we aren’t big on gambling, so we only lost a few dollars. Then back to Denton we went to enjoy the rest of the evening together. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings! How cute are these little sparrows we found for our bedroom in Waco? We have matching sparrow tattoos, and they happens to have a red and blue one which red and blue birds have always been significant to me, so they were perfect! 


Tea time!

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Bitty and I started a tea set collection earlier this year while I started planning her Alice in Wonderland birthday party. We have since added a Wizard of Oz set to her collection. I also bought a miniature Wizard of Oz set to give to her for either Christmas or her 6th birthday. Some day they will all belong to her. It all began with her love for my miniature blue willow tea set that once belonged to my Maw-Maw….


Bathtime monitor 

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A few days ago I write this facebook post:

“Today I learned something else that was unknowingly foreign to me. I forgot what it was like to take a bath or shower without a kiddo trying to climb in with me or picking that exact moment to corner me with 1,001 random questions that could have easily waited. At least the dogs felt the need to keep checking on me.”

Then today while taking my bath:

Bitty dancing around my bathroom while I take a bath…

Bitty: “You haven’t taken a bath in a while mommy!”
Me: “That’s because I’ve been taking them while you’re at school every day.”
Bitty: “WHAT?”
How dare I take baths without her supervision?
Bitty, 5 years old, my bathtime monitor 


Dance recital 2017

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Today was Aub & Bitty’s  dance rehearsal and recital. Aub’s fourth year of dancing complete and Bitty’s first! 

We started our day by waking the girls up at 5:30am. My two girls that are very much so like me, not morning people, ha ha. Surprisingly it went very smoothly. Hair and makeup done and out the door within an hour. Picked them up breakfast on the way to rehearsal that started at 8am. 

Bitty has been talking about dancing on that big stage like her sissy since last May. Last May we weren’t sure we’d keep her off of the stage while she watched her sister dance. So she was beyond ready today. 

This year they are remodeling the university where their recital was being held. With 120 dancers, and all of the dressing rooms under construction it was sure to be an interesting day. So they split it up into two separate recitals to attempt to make it easier on everyone. Rehearsal with a tad chaotic, but rehearsal went off without a hitch. And thankfully the rain held out until this evening after we got home!

Since I’m Bitty’s dance mom for their class I needed to stay back stage with the little ladies the entire time. So Aub’s Nannie Boo was a huge help and stayed in the back to help out with Aub’s class as well. Lucky for me, Bitty danced right after her big sister for both dances so we both got to watch Aub dance. 

This year the theme was “Lets go to the movies”. 

Aub danced to:

“Mama Mia” for tap & “Ghostbusters” for hip hop

Bitty danced to:

“When I grow up” for tap & “Do Re Mi” for ballet

Mad went to almost all of Bitty’s dance classes with me this year. She loved helping with the girls and even learned the dances herself. She was thrilled to stay back stage with Nannie Boo and I to help the girls today. She especially loved watching her sisters dance from the side of the stage. Today it was determined that she can dance next year and wear a boys costume for recital if she’d like. She’s estatic! And so are her Daddy and I to get to see all three of our lovelies dance together next year, and even more so, that she still gets to be her own little unique self. 

I’m so proud of all of the hard work our girls put in this year. I love getting to watch them do something they enjoy so much. They never cease to amaze me.