Chaos Starts Here

Mommy & Daddy Monsters.

Daddy Monster: Geek, tattooed, caring, sensitive, non confrontational, loving, great father, even better step father, strong minded, big dreamer, family first, best hubby ever, trust worthy, non smoker, flexitarian, food loving but healthy living, weight dropping, disabled army vet, patriot, freedom loving, christian, conspiracy enthusiast, punk music loving, guitar playing, singer, song writer, reggae dancing, movie buff, provider, glass half full kinda guy, my better half, self proclaimed black sheep, true friend, supportive, my best friend.

Mommy Monster: Domestic Engineer, wife, tattooed mama of 4, monsters & hubby always come first, strong minded, worrier, opinionated, loud, feisty, crafty, cupcake baking, DIYer, Methodist, God fearing, protective, photo junkie, nola native, da parish loving, short, flexitarian, making healthy changes, weight loosing, very close to parents, works best under pressure, problem solving, baby wearing, breastfeeding, teenage taxi driver, closest friends are childhood friends, music loving, some of my fave things are anything shabby chic, 20’s era, pinup girl, animal print, traditional tattoo styles, day of the dead themed, New Orleans art.

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