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The definition of “a crunchy mom”

How “crunchy” are you? I am “guilty” of 23 out of the 38, according to this blog. And there are many things that aren’t on this list that I do that I am frequently called a hippie or crunchy for (especially by my teenage son, who seems quite amused by some of my ways). Does this make me a better mom than another? I don’t think so. Am I trying to be better than anyone else? Not in the least! These are things I have started doing over the years that just “works” for our family. Does this make me “crunchy” I guess so, and I’m not phased or offended by the title really. I guess I sort of think the phrase is likely just a trend. However, when this trend fades away, I have no intentions of throwing out my homemade supplies that I have loved since day one. Maybe my ways cause a few to think I am quirky or different, so to speak. But at the end of the day it doesn’t change how I feel about myself, nor does how someone else views me. My husband embraces the things I do for our family that may seem odd to others. In fact he encourages it. I can’t tell you how many articles he has forwarded to me or asked me if I have heard of a certain terminology to see if I’d like to add it to our routines. How crunchy I am, if I am crunchier than another mama, or being compared to another doesn’t concern me. I am the best mama I can be to these crazy four little monsters and that’s all that matters to me. If a friend or family member reaches out to me or ask me for advice I am thrilled to help them or offer my views on a topic. But I never want someone I care about (or anyone for that matter) to think I expect them to follow suit. So I’m a crunchy mama right now, and I am good with the so called title. I don’t even mind calling myself crunchy. More importantly I am the crunchy mama to the four most beautiful people I know. Really when it comes down to it I wish moms didn’t feel the need for competing and trying to out do each other or to require a title to do what we feel is right for our family. Really, what are we teaching our children in doing so? Not the lessons in life I strive to teach mine, that’s for sure. I’ve had others do it to me. Of course the source of comparison isn’t worth my time or effort. I don’t care if another is a better mom than me, especially if it is the view of another person that I don’t value the opinion of. In my opinion we are all different people, different families, live in different circumstances , have different incomes, different religions, have different life styles, and so on and so forth. How or why would we possibly want to be compared to another or even stoop to a level of doing so? Not this lady!20140128-122257.jpg


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