Our 4 lil monsters…Then & Now.

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I was just looking at the descriptions I wrote about each of our monsters when I first started my blog last year. I really enjoyed reading it and noticing the changes in them in such a short amount of time. I just can’t seem to bring myself to just edit it so I thought I would share the changes here.


Budah Booskie….Then….

My oldest Monster, 16.

Strong willed, loving, energetic, funny, wears his heart on his sleeve at times, comedian, total smart ass know it all teen at home but well behaved at school and anywhere else, my only son, great big brother, skateboarder, guitar playing, music loving, aspiring tattoo artist, loves to draw, creative.


17, still strong willed, loving, energetic, funny, wears his heart on his sleeve at times, & comedian. Watching him mature over the last year has been amazing. Of course he may enjoy picking on his little sisters a bit much. He’s my only son, though one of my children would disagree (we’ll get to that in a bit). I’ve homeschooled him for the last year which made it pretty easy for him to get his first job at a local diner. He started as a dishwasher and very quickly worked his way up to cooking. I can’t even begin to tell you how cute he is in that chef uniform. He still enjoys his guitar when he’s able to make time for it and I love hearing him playing a song along with his record player. We’ve always shared a love for a wide variety of music. But his favorite pass time by far skateboarding! He’s still the creative boy, oops young man, that he was a year ago. Proudly saving up to buy his first car. He’s not certain of the direction he wants to go in career wise, but I have no doubt he’ll be happy in whatever it is he does!


Bunny Boo….Then….

My second oldest monster, 7.

She is sweet, sassy, strong willed, very girly, brown eyed girl, loud, loves to tattle, sensitive, One Direction obsessed, Twilight watching, loves dancing, adores her brother and sisters, smart, crafty, caring, quite the attitude, sensitive.


8, still sweet, sassy (and if possible maybe sassier than she was a year ago?), very girly, brown eyed girl, loud, continues to tattle in the drop of a dime, smart, crafty, caring, attitude packing, yet sensitive as ever. She has become quite the mother hen here lately. Enjoys helping in the kitchen. Despises having to clean up her bedroom. She takes a hip hop dance class. She loves singing and doing cart wheels. She is beautiful inside and out. And will be starting 3rd grade soon.


Buggie Boo….Then….

My toddler monster, 3.

She’s bossy, crazy, deep voiced, happy, brown eyed girl, dances with no rhythm, mickey mouse clubhouse watching, yo gabba gabba loving, tantrum throwing, bright, imaginative, chocolate milk junkie, sneaky, ninja, strong willed.


4, still bossy as ever, crazy, happy, brown eyed girl, Oh wait that is where things change quite a bit! She has decided she is a boy:) She doesn’t like dresses, girl toys, really anything girly at all. She loves wearing boy clothes. And is super hero obsessed! Spiderman is still her favorite, and she is forever trying to climb door frames. Maybe that’s why she loves her tumbling class so? She no longer has a deep voice, and I think I may miss that. Loves to sing and dance around the house rhythmless as ever! Chocolate milk junkie, sneaky, ninja, and very much so strong willed! If she has a thought she spits it out. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes I think we just may be getting several calls from her teacher in the near future. She is anxiously awaiting starting Pre-K next month!


Bitty Boo….Then….

My baby monster. Almost 6 months old.

Our final addition, blue eyed girl, breastfed, cloth diapered, baby wearing, all night sleeping, giggling, strong willed, cuddle bum, precious, mommy obsessed, curious, tiny.


18 months old, blue eyed girl. Just stopped breastfeeding. Still cloth diapered, baby wearing, and all night sleeping! She never actually crawled. She went from scooting on her little bum across a room to running! Strong willed, funny, always chattering away, loud, Najah hugging (our 11 year old pup), stair climbing, sister chasing, bath loving, sneaky, sweet, very shy, cuddle bum.


Each of our 4 lil monsters have some similar characteristics, but very strong & different personalities. We love giving them that growing room and seeing just how different each of our free spirits are! Right down to Buggie deciding she is a boy. We embrace the things that make our children happy! They are our top priority. Any decision we have to make, they are always the reason we choose the way we do. I’m so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom and witness all of these precious little moments with them. I love that we rarely go anywhere without them and there is a limited amount of people that ever baby sit them on that rare occasion. They grow so fast that we’d rather spend as much time with them as we can before they spread their wings and start their own families. I love the bond that we share with each of them and that our teenage son still likes hanging out with us. Each of our monsters know they can talk to us about ANYTHING! Buggie whispers in my ear daily, though usually loud enough that everyone can hear her, ha ha! I’m certainly not ashamed to say I learn just as much from these 4 lil monsters as I try to teach them.


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