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I had decided I wanted to do something special for our lil monsters this month. Starting on February 1st through Valentine’s day I decided I was going to hang a heart with a special message for each of them. Sort of like the little conversation heart candies. It turned out to mean more to Bunny than I could have imagined, as I ended up having to have a major surgery that has landed me in bed for basically this entire month. Since I knew I would be stuck in bed, I decided to hang them all the night before my surgery. I gave each of our monsters their own color heart and wrote their nicknames and dates on them and mixed them all up. I hung them on three doors in our home. Each day they were able to look for their heart for the day and see what message I had left for them. Each unique for each child. Life gets so busy and it saddens me to think we as parents can so easily caught up in parenting that I never want to risk the chance of only pointing out bad behavior. In doing this they had fourteen days in a row of positive notes full of love and some of the things about them and things they do that make us proud to be their parents. Granted it would take me a lot more than fourteen days to tell them everything about them that makes me proud to be their mama. But this is a nifty start as well as a cute Valentine’s decoration for our home to celebrate the month of love!

Some of their messages….

“You are my sunshine!”
“You are my favorite blue eyed girl!”
“I love your big brown eyes!”
“You have a big heart”
“You are always helpful”
“You are my favorite 2 year old”
“You are my favorite 4 year old”
“You are my favorite 8 year old”
“You are my favorite son” (he’s our only son)
“I love watching you skateboard!”
“I love watching you dance!”
“You are loved!”
“You are beautiful”
“You are handsome”
“I am proud to be your mama!”

And for the first night that I knew I would be in the hospital…

“I miss you!”

We all enjoyed it so much that I think this will likely become a new tradition for our little family. I adore our little monsters and love finding new ways to express it to them!20140214-154206.jpg


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