Child’s play

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Em & I got to enjoy a fun play date with our monsters at the Children’s Museum in New Braunfels today. I have to say, the monsters may have liked this one more than the Children’s Museum in downtown San Antonio. We had a blast watching our monsters explore! I would normally wear Bitty around a museum. But today she ran all over the place! It was so adorable watching her doing her best to keep up with her sisters, Aryie, & Mase with her cute little piggies in her hair. It’s hard to believe how fast these munchkins grow! What a fantastic summer this has been!



Worth a thousand words

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I finally took some time this evening to create some new online albums. June was a crazy busy month for us. I started planning for it a few months in advance. We threw FIVE fully themed birthday parties between the 1st & 30th!

June 1st:
Was Buggie’s 4th pirate/Spider-Man party! It was a ton of fun. The monsters had a blast…especially when Spider-Man knocked on the door to sing happy birthday to our little pirate and take pictures with all of her family & friends!

June 8th:
Was Bunny’s 8th luau/slumber party! There were a lot of giggles that day! All of the little ladies loved their grass skirts & leis. We took all of the girls that were staying for the slumber party swimming when the party was over. That evening they did every thing from face mask to fondue fun. The next morning I made all of them pancakes and several of them stayed and played well in to the next afternoon!

June 22nd:
Budah’s 17th fiesta party followed by an evening skate sesh with his friends. Last year he didn’t want a party. So when he asked for one this year I was all over it! We had a house full of teenagers and lots of family & friends too! It’s a good thing we had a massive nacho bar because these boys didn’t stop eating! After cake & gifts we sent the boys on their way to a skatepark.

June 28th:
A red hat club theme, with lots of red & purple of course. It was my mom’s actual 55th birthday. Only this year she got to share her day and also celebrate my Aunt Glo’s 60th birthday! It was an exciting day for these two sisters! They woke up to being flocked, we had close to 50 flamingos in our front yard! Cooked a lovely dinner for them and celebrated their evening with two cute cakes & lots of presents too!

Last & certainly not least…

June 30th:
My Dad’s 60th nautical themed party! His birthday is actually in August. But since he lives in New Orleans and his birthday is the day before school starts for our monsters we decided to celebrate his big day early! And what better than a nautical theme for this life long diver? Complete with a very rad cake that was a silhouette of a lady, he really got a kick out of that! Then that evening we went to “Big Lou’s Pizza” in San Antonio with our group of 10 and enjoyed some fun family time while wrapping up a very eventful month!

It was pretty fun finally finding the time to go through all of the pictures & share them with our family and friends. While it was a crazy month, it was jam packed full of life long memories! We are so thankful to everyone that made our monsters’ special days even better by being there! We are truly blessed!


Two peas in a pod

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That’s what our daughter & God daughter are! With only a few months age difference between them, they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Though there is no blood relation, people often mistake them for twins. We’ve enjoyed having Aryie here for a little over a week now. Of course Buggie & Bitty do their best to keep up with these older girls. Listening to all of the squeals, giggling, singing, and hearing the cart wheels taking place upstairs has been priceless!

I feel so blessed to be each of my God children’s Nanny! I love each of them as if they were my own and will always be here for them as they grow up!



Shit could be worse

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Letting go of the past. Realizing you can’t control other’s actions. Keeping a PMA. Protecting the ones you love most. Sometimes you just down right need to remind yourself SHIT COULD BE WORSE! Smile more! Move forward! Control your own path in life. It may take work, but anything is possible. Remove negativity from your life. Surround yourself with good folks! Just be happy & have no regrets in life! What is meant to be will be.



Three little birds

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Our little family has a true love for reggae.

When we got married we danced to “Mellow Mood” with Budah & Bunny at our reception.

Matt & I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. While we were there we took the Bob Marley Museum tour in 9 Mile. It was an amazing experience and a place like no other. Once the gates are opened to it it looks nothing like the poverty ridden little town it is in. We were able to see the tiny little shack he grew up in. Sat in his “single little bed”, stood on his “rock” that he sung about as well. Visited his grave. And even met one of his uncles. Captain Crazy, our tour guide, was hysterical and can been seen on YouTube.

Years later when we were expecting Buggie, daddy would play “three little birds” and sing to my belly. She would always kick as soon as that guitar started being strummed. It became the lullaby of our choice for her. When she was in NICU we would play it and you could see that it instantly soothed her. Now at 4 years old she even had a children’s book based on the song!

While we were expecting Bitty, we went on a week long cruise with our 3 lil monsters and even had my dad come along. We anxiously awaited arriving to our fave destination, Montego Bay, where we honeymooned! We were beyond excited to share this experience with our monsters and get to show them the resort we stayed at. While we would have loved to bring them to 9 mile we decided it was not something age appropriate for our monsters. Because what not everyone knows is, yes it’s illegal to smoke weed in Jamaica too. Unless of course you are at a Rastafarian Church or The Bob Marley Museum. So while Budah was begging to go there, he’ll have to wait until he is an adult for that experience;)
We did however take another tour with them that we took on our honeymoon. And I must say, going back and taking that tour with our monsters was much more enjoyable. Because we missed them like crazy while we were there the first time. We went to Margaritaville in Negril. Got to enjoy watching our monsters playing in the white sand and crystal blue water. Buggie loved the fresh pineapple. I’m not sure who loved the jerk chicken lunch there more Daddy or Budah? After a great time there we got back on the bus for the short ride to Rick’s Cafe also in Negril. When Matt & I went on our Honeymoon we enjoyed the beautiful sunset over the ocean, sipping on cocktails, & watching the cliff divers. This time cocktail & sunset free we enjoyed it even more with our monsters. We were able to watch our then 15 year old son not once, but twice jump off of a 30 foot cliff in to the ocean!

Bitty like the rest of us absolutely loves her some Bob Marley too and will dance around the house any time we play it.

It’s interesting how a song or type of music can bring up so many memories. Reggae brings up several of our favorite memories together with each passing year as our family has grown.



Birthday Wishes

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Today is my Godson, Parker-Baby’s 3rd birthday! How did that happen? I thought I had only blinked once! Happy birthday to one of the sweetest lil fellas ever! Nanny loves you!

This evening we celebrated my husband’s Goddaughter, Leilani’s 14th birthday. Her birthday party was last Saturday. But due to my mom being in the hospital, we missed it. So tonight we had some pizza, some cake, & some family fun! She is such a beautiful girl inside & out.

Today has been a blast & tomorrow evening is gonna be another fun one with some more rad friends and all of our lil monsters!



Good advice

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Our Pastor’s wife that has been a dear friend of ours for years now sent this to me. Knowing all that has been going on in our lives here lately, wiser words could not have been said. We had already decided the same action needed to take place. But having such a genuine Godly lady share this with me was nothing short of perfect timing. Thank you Mrs. J, we love you!