Random facts (#41-60)

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41. I would rather handwrite a letter than send an email.

42. I may have a weakness for NOLA bounce music. Don’t judge me.

43. I want chickens, a mini potbelly pig, and a llama. Don’t think our HOA will allow them, but I am not opposed to the chickens and pig anyway. A llama may be tough to hide.

44. I have never loved another man the way I do my husband. He is truly the most supportive & caring fella ever. He’s also the only person that I have fully trusted with my heart.

45. I don’t have many female
friends, but the ones I do are amazing ladies.

46. I adore my gays!

47. My sister & I have never ever fought. Strange considering we are both spit fires.

48. I can be really quiet around folks I don’t know. But if you really know me, you know I am anything but the quiet type.

49. I love to read, but rarely find the time to do so. A fact I hope to find a way to change.

50. I have so much admiration for the ladies & gents that sign up for the military, but secretly pray my children never do. Selfish? Maybe, but it’s always been a huge fear of mine.

51. I will choose a bath over a shower any day.

52. I have a tendency of firmly standing my ground if I really believe in something.

53. My son is now the age I was when I got pregnant for him. I feel sorry for my daughters that will be watched very closely as they get older. And have no shame in embarrassing my son with reminders about the importance of safe sex.

54. I am friends with a few of my exes. My husband knows he never has to worry about this fact.

55. I have always wanted to go to Tuscany. The movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” increased my desire to do so.

56. We made so many pralines (150) as wedding favors that I haven’t made a single one in the nearly seven years since. I may make some soon.

57. I am a creature of habit and am also very superstitious.

58. I clean a lot when I am upset about something.

59. I have certain family recipes that I would never share with anyone outside of ours and I really hope our monsters carry on that tradition or I will haunt them.

60. I have never had a problem saying I am sorry when I am wrong. Especially to my monsters.