The rainbow in our backyard…

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All three girls come running & screaming with excitement…

Bitty: “Mommy! Daddy! Quick come see! There is a rainbow out the window! And it’s red, and blue, and green…”

Aub: “It’s beautiful!”

Mad: “Hurry! Let’s go find the pot of gold! 

Our lil monsters on St. Patrick’s Day

Aub (9), Mad (5), Bitty (3), 03.17.15


Frankenstein & a lightsaber

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Mad likes to do her homework for the week on Monday and then do daily reading and sight words the rest of the  week. Today struck me funny and I had to share. 

List 6 things that are green:

1. shamrock 2. grass 3. peas 4. green beans 5. leaves 6. Frankenstein 

(Frankenstein was easily my favorite answer)

Write two sentences about what you would buy if you found a pot of gold:?

1. I would buy toys. 2. I would buy a lightsaber!

(At first she said she would buy a crib for Aub’s baby when they grow up. I suggested she write sentences about what she would buy for herself now.)

-Mad, 5 years old, March 2015



Eight year getaway…

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Had a quick over night getaway with my love to celebrate our eighth anniversary this weekend. He let me surprise him with where we’d be going. I decided to take him back to where it all began, the Crescent Quarters. The very room we spent our wedding night. What we especially loved about this place was it really reminded us of the French Quarter. Which was perfect for our New Orleans themed wedding. It was a lovely day & evening. He even let me finally talk him into getting a pedicure with me. I think he enjoyed it more than he expected, because he said he’d go with me again. We got matching toes (midnight blue) which our little lovelies especially got a kick out of. For dinner we went to the Scenic Loop Cafe, where our rehearsal dinner had been. When we checked out the following morning we drove to Fredricksburg for a few hours of exploring. Then home to our lil monsters. It was the perfect little getaway, but then again I love every day with this fella by my side.


Any given day with our toddler..

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Today started with our three year old, Bitty, waking up and singing from her bed around 8am: 

“Get on your marks, and ready, and then GO!”

It was almost as if she was warning me, ha ha. Of course a lot of our daily routines are the same. A little Disney junior, breakfast, coloring, playing, puzzles, singing, ABC’s & 123’s, lunch, more playing & silliness, then time to get her sisters from school and chase them around. Then of course there are the random little things she does that also makes me smile throughout our day. Like today when she was playing and randomly started singing in her best Annie voice as she twirled around like a ballerina in her little princess dress “It’s a hard knock life for us. It’s a hard knock life for us…”. Then as Daddy & I were piddling around in the kitchen I opened the refrigerator to discover a barbie in her convertible just sitting there on the bottom shelf. I asked her if she was missing something? As she peeks in there and squealed “There you are!”. Wonder how long she’s been missing? 

I’m so thankful for these days with our last little one at home. Before I know it she’ll be off to school too. I hope the days leading up to her first day of school drag by. Our 4 lil monsters seriously need to slow down with this growing up business!


8 fabulous years with you…

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I’m thankful for the last…

  • 8 years
  • 96 months
  • 416 weeks
  • 2,920 days
  • 70,080 hours
  • 4,204,800 minutes
  • 252,288,000 seconds

…that I’ve been able to call you my husband. 

Every single moment has been a blessing or some form of a lesson that we’ve been able to share hand in hand. We’ve lived in two states, four towns, and five homes. Raised four children. You’ve graduated from college. I’ve been able to cheer you on as your career has and continues to grow. Including our side businesses we’ve owned. We had a beautiful home built from the ground up for our little family. We’ve had our first child grow up and move out. You’ve comforted me in ways you’ll never know during that big life change (we have a few years left to be sure the girls stop growing up). You manage to live in a house full of gals and don’t hesitate to paint nails or braid hair. We’ve been our lil monsters biggest fans while watching them in school, soccer, choir, band, cheerleading, a first job, various hobbies, skateboarding, tap, ballet, & jazz. We’ve both had serious health scares. We’ve said a few goodbyes. We’ve gained new family members and friends. We’ve traveled to other countries and states with our kiddos. We’ve experienced a few Daddy & Mama getaways. We’ve taught our children and somehow manage to learn more from them than we can ever imagine teaching them. Somehow as different as our personalities are we seldom seem to clash. And when we manage to piss each other off we know it’s never above us to say I’m sorry to one another. Seriously thankful that’s not very often (the fighting, not the appologies). You’re happy to have me be a housewife, yet treat me as your equal. You never hesitate to help me cook or clean. We love our moments home with our family just as much as we value our time alone. You always have our family’s best interest in mind. Always put us first and always defend us. You support my wacky ideas. I swear sometimes you must read my mind. We share some of the most comical inside jokes and moments. You make me laugh like no other. You also make me feel loved like no other. You are so much more than my hubster & father of my lil monsters. You are easily one of my absolute favorite people in the world! You sir hold the key to my heart. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings with you by my side. 

Happy 8th anniversary love!?