Daddy/Daughter Dance

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Last night Aub & Mad went to their first school dance…with their Daddy! A night I’m sure they will never forget! Aub got a new cute black and white lace chevron pattern dress & black ballet slippers and Mad was beyond thrilled to get a new baby blue dress shirt & her little first tie! Daddy even surprised Aub when he wore a dress shirt she had bought him a year or two ago for Father’s Day or his birthday (can’t remember which it was). Mad almost opted out of going originally because she thought she was going to have to wear a dress. She changed her mind quickly when she discovered we’d be shopping for the shirt and tie to go with her dickies and little red cons. She even wore a splash of Daddy’s cologne, while Aub opted for my perfume. Daddy bought Mad a boutonnière that was a red rose to match her cons with a little baby’s breath. He bought Aub a wrist corsage with a white rose, baby’s breath, and purple ribbon (her favorite color). Of course not to leave Bitty out he got her an “Anna” barbie doll from Frozen. After a few pictures they were off to their Alice in Wonderland themed Daddy/Daughter Dance! Aub looked absolutely stunning and Mad & Daddy were sure to be the two most handsome fellas there! They loved their time with Daddy and after a couple hours of dancing, coloring, & seeing friends they were home to tell me all about it! 

I was in tears seeing them off. My Hubster has been Aub’s Daddy since she was still an infant. He has never loved Aub or Budah any different than he does Mad and Bitty. But something about watching him put that corsage on her little wrist last night and the way she lit up looking up at her Daddy with the sweetest smile and those big brown eyes was a moment that made my heart overflow with happiness for the two of them! She is one loved and blessed little girl to have such an amazing daddy! 

Mad also melted me. Since she was two years old she didn’t like “girl things”. For the last three years Mad has considered herself a boy. She loves superhero tees and socks, little dickies slacks are her fave, all of her toys are “boy toys”. Her motto has remained “nothing pink & nothing sparkly”. There was no way we were going to force her into a foo foo dress to be someone she isn’t just so she could go to a dance. We love the little free spirit that she is. Watching her come out to show her big brother who happened to be here to visit for a few hours and the look of pride they both shared was complete conformation that allowing her to be who she wants to be is the only way! Unfortunately she had a girl at the dance point out that it was a daddy/DAUGHTER dance. And while it may have hurt her a little to have the girl snap at her, it didn’t waiver her in her choice to wear her “little boy outfit”. It didn’t prevent her from having a fabulous time at the dance with her Daddy and sister. And it didn’t keep her from asking if she could wear her tie to school on Monday. She did however run straight to me when they got home to tell me what happened. Daddy and I both reminded her that even if other people don’t understand her choices it doesn’t make it wrong. All that matters is that she is happy and she knows she is loved unconditionally and we’ll always support her. At the end of the day it didn’t ruin her night and oh my word did she look adorable!

I’m so thankful our monsters have a daddy that loves them and doesn’t hesitate to spend his Friday evening twirling his two little ones around on a dance floor. Just one of the many many thing I love so much about him.?

??Aub, 9 years old, 4th grade.Mad, 5 years old, Kindergarten.



3rd annual Valentine’s

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This year we decided to change things up a tad. Having made & collected a whopping 385 Valentine’s we were able to spread the love to a lot of folks!

After meeting a special little girl last year while delivering pillows to the local children’s hospital we’ve followed her online, cheered her on from the sidelines, and kept her in our prayers . Sadly in the last month Jalene’s family received the devastating news. After being the strongest four year old, that always found a way to maintain the most genuine beautiful smile ever through all of her pain, now has terminal brain cancer. Our hearts ache for her family. So needless to say Jalene was at the top of our list this year. We mailed her a box full of 200 Valentine’s as well as a few other goodies.

We gave 85 to a local VFW to distribute to Disabled Vets and split the remaining 100 between two local nursing homes.

As we walked into one of the nursing homes, Mad, our five year old, happily carried a bag full of the homemade cards. A gentleman that happened to be taking a lovely lady for a stroll stopped to ask Mad if she had a Valentine for him? He was so surprised that she really did have one for both of them as he had just been joking with her.

We are so thankful for all of the help that we received from friends and classmates that helped our lil monsters make so many cards this year. It helped us to give cards to little Jalene, disabled vets, and of course Maw-Maw’s & Paw-Paw’s. It also reminded quite a few kiddos to think of others.(null)


Jump Roping & Mardi Gras

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So this afternoon our two youngest monsters are playing with some beads that came with a king cake. After they connected a few of them together Bitty said “Let’s jump rope!”. So her and Mad each grabbed an end and started jumping up and down as Bitty happily cheered “we’re jump roping!”. Then as if that wasn’t cute enough the conversation goes like this:

Bitty: “I just love Mardi Gras!”
Mad: “My Mommy is from Mardi Gras and she knows everything!”
Me: “Really?”
Mad: “Well you are from New Orleans and that’s where Mardi Gras is!”
Bitty: “I love Mardi Gras! I love Mardi Gras!”

I love these silly munchkins!

-Mad, 5 years old
-Bitty. 3 years old
February 2015(null)