20 years later…

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Missing one of the most influential people in my life something fierce 20 years later. She always knew the right thing to say to me when I needed it most. To know my Maw-Maw was to know genuine love. She was a huge source of strength and unconditional love and easily one of the most sincere people you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Twenty years ago today she went home. There hasn’t been a single day since then that I haven’t thought of her. Some say time eases pain and possibly it does to an extent. But I’m certain she took a huge part of my heart with her when she took her last breath. She only got to hold one of my four children, but make no mistake all of them grew up knowing her name, stories about her, and over the last few years I’ve even begun teaching our little ladies how to cook some of her recipes. I’ll never stop missing her, but I’ll also never forget the tremendous impact she made on my life and how lucky I am to have been able to have her for my Maw-Maw. Grandparents are such a blessing to have around and I cherish the memories I have of mine.


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