Valentine’s 2018…

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Loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Be mine forever?

My fella really does get me. He got me two of my favorite types of flowers, and said the tulips are because he knows how excited I am to go to Holland, MI during our upcoming getaway. A little town that has a huge tulip festival every spring (we will be there a month early and likely won’t get to see tulips so he got me some). To know me is to know my love for llamas, alpacas, pigs, mini goats, and chickens. He promises to someday buy us land and fill it with my favorite animals. Even if that dream never comes true, I now own my very own quirky little alpaca made with real alpaca fur! It’s simply the cutest and so incredibly soft! Then as if the flowers, alpaca, & sweet card wasn’t enough he got me Willie! Okay, so he didn’t actually buy me Willie Nelson, but he got me tickets to finally get to see this man live! A concert we’ve wanted to see for years now. Last and certainly not least, I’m thankful to have a husband that doesn’t only show me genuine love on February 14th, but each and every single day both in little and big ways and THAT is what makes me feel like the luckiest lady ever! But seriously, tulips, hydrangeas, a baby alpaca, AND Willie Nelson!!!

Now for a date night at home with a movie in bed, wine, beer, popcorn & my favorite guy in the world after our little ladies are all tucked in bed.


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