Mama/daughter day with Aub…

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Last and certainly not least, today was our Mama & Aub day! Aub will be turning 13 this year. She is already so wrapped up in her preteen life and friends that I truly cherish my time alone with her. It’s special time for us to just be and talk about any and everything that’s on her mind. I love that she confides in me and pray she always knows she can. Aub picked Panera Bread for lunch and to see the movie “The Greatest Showman”. I’ve seen more movies this week than I’ve likely watched in six months or longer. Lucky for me I enjoyed all four of the movies and this one was incredible! I quickly realized Aub picked this movie because Zac Effron is in it, well played Aub! I am so proud of the beautiful young lady she is becoming and can’t believe my baby already has a much bigger foot than I do and we can safely say she is now taller than me as well. Slow down little lady, my heart is trying to keep up!


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