Mama/daughter day with Mad…

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Every so often I like to take off and have a special day with each of my children. As a mama of four it’s easy to sometimes feel like you just get so caught up in day to day life. These lil monsters are my world and I adore our one on one bonding time and reminding each of them just how important they are to me. Lord knows they grow up far faster than I’d like them to.

So today was my little Mad’s day! She picked pizza for lunch and then we went to see the movie Wonder. Such a perfect choice! I loved every minute of our time out. Even if the movie did make me tear up a bit. It reminded me a bit of the little fighter she is and how strong she truly is in being her own little person. Over the years people have attempted to question why she wears boy clothes or try to force “girl toys” on her as a present. Mad is such a unique child. She is strong willed, brilliant, always strives to be her best, and one of the kindest little hearts you’ll ever know. I’m so blessed to be her mama.


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