Mosh Pit & Lemonade

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I knew it wouldn’t be a good thing getting a call from our eighteen year old son at 7am on a Saturday morning.  After a fun night at a show and forgetting to take his glasses off before going into a pit he got a quick life lesson. Mosh pits and eyeglasses never mix. The poor fella is half blind without them, so thankfully we were able to find a place to get an appointment and a new pair in a matter of hours.


Aside from the craziness with Budah’s glasses we decided to participate in our neighborhood yard sale day to get rid of some clutter. What better time for our three little lovelies to sell some lemonade? They sold out and were beyond excited that their big brother was their first customer too. I can still remember his first lemonade stand when he was all of five years old.



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