Polar express & another Christmas performance 

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Spent a few hours helping in Bitty’s class for her kindergarten polar express party! It hit me today. I only have four more years of these Christmas parties before all of my babies are in middle and high school. I loved watching all of these precious five and six year olds share a breakfast together before doing their book exchange. And the book exchange, such an adorable moment to watch Bitty’s expression when she realized she got the Polar Express book! I love these priceless moments and that my husband makes it possible for me to not have to miss them. 

This evening was our second Christmas performance of the week, this time for our sweet 3rd grader! We so enjoyed watching her sing and dance her little heart out! Life gets so hectic and busy during the holidays, but it truly is a magical time of year. I just can’t believe how fast these years are flying by! 


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