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We’re slowly getting back to our daily routine after a fab week spent with our Goddaughter and another fun week of VBS. It seems to be becoming a summer tradition for our lil ladies, our Goddaughter, Aryie, and our niece, Brylee! This year we brought a school friend of Aub’s along as well. The girls could hardly wait for vacation bible school since school let out. And quite honesty neither could I. It’s a happy flashback into my childhood when Maw-Maw would bring me and one of my fave cousins each summer. I can still remember running up to her with every picture I had made and to tell her everything I had learned much like these little dolls do now. I loved being able to bring them each morning and getting to listen to six little girls sing all of the new Christian songs they had learned (of course Bitty loved singing along with the big kiddos) on the way back to our house each day for another play date. It’s Always so much fun to be able to watch these little lovelies bond and I will never pass up a chance to hear all of those little giggles. Of course Maw-Maw was an amazing help in keeping a house full of little gals happy as I had continued to battle a migraine. I’m so thankful to her for helping me make sure they still had fun days regardless of how I felt. No way was I going to ruin their much anticipated special week. And as usual Maw-Maw’s are pretty awesome at saving the day!

It’s kind of hard to believe this summer is more than half way over and our monsters will be starting school before we know it. Our life has changed an awful lot as of late, both in happy and a few uncertain ways. I’ve continued to take a bit of a break from blogging to take in all of these changes that are going on and to enjoy these summer days with our monsters. Even as life shifts in unexpected ways I can’t help but to continue to count my blessings and love our little family with all of my might. I am somehow reminded daily of the incredible people we so graciously have in our lives and their unfailing way of always letting us know they are there. We have lots of interesting and exciting things coming up in our future. Sometimes things can be out of our control and let’s face it not always turn out the way we want it to be. But we choose to hold on to our faith and know that God’s plan is always bigger than our understanding. And with my Hubster always by my side I anxiously look forward to what’s to come.20140731-001441-881749.jpg


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