Monterey, drag, the piñata, & a sad goodbye

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Last night maw-maw watched her grand babies so that Matt, Lindsey, and I could go enjoy an evening with Alex and “his Matt” (Gets confusing when your friend has a husband with the same name as your’s, so our solution has been “my Matt” and “your Matt” etc etc). So Alex & “his Matt” suggested we try out a new to us place that they love called “The Monterey”. Interesting is the best word I’ve got for my opinion of the place and well the company is always fantastic. “My Matt” often jokes that if he wants to get me to try something new he will just have my gays suggest it. It’s a good thing “my Matt” knows how much I love him so I let that wise crack slide, ha ha. Anyway, my sister and I took the safest route we could and got the New Orleans style BBQ shrimp. I won’t go in to the rest that went on at that restaurant, because I still may be in shock about those happenings!20140426-211510.jpgAfterwards we went over to their house for our usually weekly drag show we love to watch! I just love visiting with these fellas and am glad my sister got to go with us this time!

My sister and I woke up super early to spend as much time with each other before she left today. Neither of us were very happy that she had to go, but no doubt she missed her two lil men that are back from camping with their grandparents. We have so enjoyed having this week together. She has been under so much stress and I only pray we made it a little easier for her. Unfortunately, and well sort of a blessing in disguise, A Fiesta event caused her to miss her almost noon trip and we had to reschedule her to this evening instead. I was beyond grateful to have her for an extra seven hours of course! So we scooped up my friends two kiddos, ran home to grab a birthday present, and we were off to our lovely niece’s 7th “Frozen” birthday! The kiddos had so much fun, it’s always nice to see my sister-in-law, and I got to catch up with my mother-in-law as well about a project her and I are anxious to work on together! Uncle Matt was in charge of the piñata that wasn’t all that cooperative and fell off of the rope twice before even five kiddos got to hit it. But I think it’s safe to say those munchkins weren’t phased by not all getting their swing at it. Bitty however was thrilled to take her first swing at a piñata!20140426-213805.jpgThen as if our lil monsters haven’t had enough fun with the 150+ cascarones last weekend on Easter Sunday they got to take another crack at their all too willing Daddy again today. Take note that our sneaky little Mad hid her’s behind her back while she anxiously waited her turn to get her Daddy too!20140426-214101.jpgAfter the party we squeezed in a trip to the library to get some books and then our fave craft store to get the supplies I need to make the invitations to Mad’s 5th birthday party. Then it was sadly time to drop my sister off. I’m so glad I didn’t go alone, because our little ladies and my love were super supportive when I fell apart. I am pretty sure I missed her before she was out of town and Bitty has asked “where’s Lin-Lin?” at least a dozen times since.20140426-220308.jpg


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