The suspense is terrible…

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…I hope it lasts.

It’s time to start planning Mad’s fifth birthday party. Months ago she started telling me she wants a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory birthday party. She is absolutely a girl that knows what she wants! And since it’s her favorite movie, I’m not at all surprised that this was her choice after she watched me plan Bitty’s Wizard of Oz second birthday party a few months back. So tonight Matt, Lindsey, and I watched the movie to get some party planning ideas. I’m so excited to have my sister here to do some brain storming with me! While I love Johnny Depp, I can’t help but to be excited that she wants the original Willy Wonka instead of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s going to take some creativity, but I can’t wait to see our sweet girl’s face when her soon approaching day arrives. Let the planning begin!20140425-074544.jpg


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