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Woke up to a very rainy day. Nothing new on this trip, and certainly nothing new in New Orleans at any given time. It always rains. So we dropped our three little ladies off to have some fun with Aunt Stacey and “her mama and dem”. Then Matt and I headed over to my Granny & Paw-Paw’s old house that my Nana now lives in. A huge tub of old family photos that somehow survived Katrina (a miracle in itself) was pulled down out of the attic, and for the next six hours Matt and I scanned over four hundred old family photos with an app on our phones. Many that I had never seen. A lot of them made us laugh. A few brought me to tears. I learned a lot of stories I had never heard from Nana and my Dad when he showed up towards the end of our visit with Nana. When I get home I’ll slowly but surely be posting them for all of our family to enjoy. Minus the ones towards the end of Granny’s life when she was so sick. Those will be tucked away. So many special memories. So many priceless photos that I’m incredibly grateful to have and share. This is my daddy when he was a little boy, probably between the age Bitty and Mad are now. 


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