The green bridge 

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Home can be a lot of things to people. For some it’s the home they live in. One they grew up in. The entire city, town, or state they live in or was born and raised in. There are many things that remind me of “home”, the green bridge is one of them. Mind you I loathe bridges, pretty much all of them, except this one. The bridge located between New Orleans and Da Parish that leads you to “Parish Road” (or if you read the street sign the way people that aren’t from there do Paris Rd), the one locals know as the green bridge, that probably hasn’t actually been green for at least two decades. For me I feel home the second I lay my eyes on this bridge. Oddly enough I’ve had many others agree with that very sentiment with me. Even our children get excited when they see it and call it by name. Maybe you have to be from this little town to fully get it. Maybe you have your own “green bridge” so to speak that is your “home”. 


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